Don't want to miss an important call but still need to be able to talk?

While on a call, Call Waiting alerts you with a special tone indicating that another call is waiting. If there is no response to the first signal, a reminder tone will follow ten seconds later.

To use Call Waiting

  1. When you hear the special tone signaling that someone else is trying to reach you, press the switchhook/flash for one second to place the first call on hold and answer the second call.
  2. To return to the first call, press the switchhook/flash for one second again, leaving the second call on hold. You can alternate between the two calls in this way as often as you like.
  3. To end either call, ask one caller to hang up, then press the switchhook/flash. This returns you to the other call.

To cancel Call Waiting

Call Waiting may be temporarily canceled before placing the call.This is referred to as "Cancel Call Waiting" or CCW.

  1. Lift the receiver and listen for a dial tone.
  2. Dial *70 before placing a call (1170 for rotary dial users).
  3. Dial the number you want to call as normal. CCW is automatically terminated after each call.