Need to get a second opinion, or make plans with two people at the same time?

Three-Way Calling allows you to add a third party to a conversation, local or long distance, or place a second outgoing call privately.

To use Three-Way Calling

  1. Call the first person as you would normally.
  2. Put that person on hold by pressing the switchhook/flash for one second.
  3. Listen for a dial tone.
  4. Dial the number of the person you want to add to the conversation. When that person answers, the two of you can talk privately before adding the first person back into the conversation.
  5. Press the switchhook/flash button and hold it for one second to add the first person to the call. Now all three of you can talk!
  6. To disconnect either call, ask one person to hang up. You can then continue the conversation with the remaining party.
  7. When you hang up, both of the other calls are disconnected. If you want the other calls to stay connected, use the Call Transfer Disconnect feature.