Want to call friends, family, or key customers - fast?

Speed Calling allows you to dial local or long distance calls by dialing one or two numbers. It is available with 8 number storage capacity.

To use Speed Calling

1. Note the name and phone number of the people you want to call using Speed Calling.
2. Assign a separate Speed Calling code (from 20 to 49) for each phone number.
3. Pick up the receiver.
4. Press "*75" ("1174" if you don't have Touch-tone service).
5. Wait for a dial tone and enter one of the Speed Calling codes you
assigned in Step 2.
6. Enter the phone number for that Speed Calling code, including the "1" if it's a longdistance
7. Listen for several short tones to confirm entry.
8. Hang up.
9. Repeat Steps 3-8 for each Speed Calling code assigned.

To Use Speed Calling pick up the phone and dial # followed by the Speed Calling Code you selected.