Need to transfer calls to other extensions, or leave a conference call without stopping the conversation?

Call Transfer Disconnect offers three-way calling with the additional capability of transferring the call. It allows you to disconnect from a three-way call without disconnecting the remaining parties.

To use Call Transfer Disconnect

  1. Flash the switchhook while the called party is on the line. This splits the called party from the connection and places that call on hold while a dial tone is returned to your phone.
  2. Dial the third party. You will hear the call progress tones (but they will not be heard by the call on hold).
  3. After dialing the third party, you can initiate a Three-Way Call or a Call Transfer by performing one of the following:
  • Transfer a call without announcement by disconnecting fully from the call (hanging up).
  • Announce a transferred call by waiting until the third party answers and then talk while keeping the original call on hold. After you disconnect from the call, your line is released and you are able to originate and receive new calls. The other two parties remain connected on the call.
  • Create a Three-Way Call between all parties by flashing the switchhook. This reconnects the original call, an all three parties can now talk. If you disconnect fully from the three-way call by hanging up, the other two parties will remain connected and can continue the conversation.