Need your calls forwarded when the line is busy or within a certain number of rings?

Call Forwarding-Busy Line/Don’t Answer (CF-BL/DA) is similar to Call Forwarding in that both services forward incoming calls to another number. However, with CF-BL/DA, calls are forwarded automatically when the line is busy or is not answered within a predetermined number of rings. Calls can be forwarded to a predetermined telephone number, answering service, or voice messaging service in the event that an incoming call receives a busy signal and/or the call is not answered within a predetermined number of ring cycles.

The “forwarded to” number is not variable. It is pre-selected and can only be changed by submitting a service order. Call Forward-Busy Line/Don’t Answer is actually two products which can be used separately or in combination:

  • Call Forwarding-Busy Line forwards calls in a "busy" situation.
  • Call Forwarding-Don’t Answer forwards calls in a "doesn’t answer" situation.
  • Call Forward-Busy Line/Don’t Answer forwards calls in either a "busy" line or a "doesn’t answer" situation.